The Blacksmith Bastion

The Blacksmiths Bastion with its pentagonal shape, located in the north - western corner of the Brasov fortress is built on three levels and provided with loopholes and gaps for fuel oil bomb.

The shape of the nowadays Bastion underwent some changes over time. Initially in 1521 there was a tower destroyed by floods in 1526 and then rebuilt. But in summer 1667 floods destroy once again the fortification and only in 1668 the construction of the present Blacksmiths Bastion are completed. In 1820, on the Blacksmith Bastion place the skilful craftsman Joseph Jani built a smaller gate that had on the frontispiece the symbol of Brasov, was also demolished because she burdened a lot the traffic. Subsequently, the purpose was not military anymore and became a warehouse for grain and nowadays as a house for the Archives Brasov stored until then in the Council House. The State Archives sacredly keeps among their shelves the oldest letter written in Romanian from 1521 and the letter of Neacºu merchant from Campulung. Therefore, surviving all weather conditions and stand proof that any building can preserve and enhance any number of years would pass over her, the Blacksmiths Bastion is a good example of this.

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