The White Tower

The White Tower watches over the observation sight of Brasov with a height of about 20 meters. The exact documents certification of the tower varies around 1460, respectively 1494. Fact is that it is a symbol of the medieval town and its 5-story structure can be visited. What will you really like are the many steps to climb up to the top of the tower. The terrible steps have a little slope inclination, but do not be afraid that you will bother to climb or descent, because you have the stay railing who will print even your handprint after a well-deserved effort!

The tower architectural walls slenderness can be read in the semicircle form construction enclosed with the firearms clippings, with holes for pitch or balconies that used to trigger a heavy heap of stones over enemies naughty. And if we have not introduced you into the atmosphere of the fighting time when the territories could only be achieved through bloodshed and fighting, then just place itself can show those moments back then. As you already have guessed, the White Tower was built to defend the population against the enemy’s attacks. Since 1678, the tower was under the usage of the brazier, first sharing it with tin guild. In 1689 a strong fire scorched the tower surroundings and also the tower itself, the fire traces were removed only in 1725. The tower kept the same colour also after the last renovation in 2005, the white colour which for- otherwise gives its name. You have no reason to fear going at night, because the lights are skilfully placed to guide your steps for not getting lost or hinder, but the access to the tower is forbidden at night. Our advice is to take time to visit the tower because there discover the defending times of the city and also all the historical significance of the White Tower.

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