Muresenilor family museum

The Muresenilor family museum was founded in 1968 after the Muresianu family followers donated the money. So the Romanian government obtained the museum space and put into practice the will of Iacob Muresianu. The Muresrenilor house hides valuable furniture, sculpture and paintings collections but especially a family archive of an immense cultural value including 25.000 documents (also documents about the national anthem - „Desteapta-te, Romane”).

The Muresianu family was an important cultural figure especially because they run for over half of century the political newspaper Gazeta Transilvaniei and stood closely connected with the most important persons from that period. Among the important family members are, Andrei Muresanu the author of the Romanian anthem, Iacob Muresianu the author and leader of the newspaper, Iacob Muresianu Jr. composer, Elena Muresianu painter or Traian Muresianu sculptor. The museum has four rooms highlighting the 19th century culture in Brasov. At entrance you may see the bronze statue of Iacob Muresianu, the father. Both the paintings of the first Romanian painters Elena Muresianu and the sculptures of Tudor Muresianu are to be found in the Biedermayer furniture. In museum are also musical instruments collections. Iacob Muresianu learned at schools from Blaj later being really interested in founding the Romanian Law and Agriculture Faculty. Iacob Muresianu is accepted as member of the Romanian Academy in 1877. Doctor Aurel Muresianu, son of Iacob Muresianu after giving up on its law career in Vienna becomes the first Transylvanian journalist. Due to his political active life is considered to be the founder of The Romanian National Party (Partidului National Roman). Because he supported for the right of defending in mother language, wrote one of the two Memorandums from 1892. The entire Muresianu family is very important from the cultural point of view and they are constantly celebrated through exhibitions and events in Muresianu family museum.

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