The Neological Synagogue

The Neological Synagogue is the Hebrew worship place built in August 1901, in gothic style with Moorish influences, gothic decorative elements (frames of windows and doors) and Romanic, with three naves and restored after 100 years since it was founded.

It ought to clarify some certain features about the Jews living in Brasov. The number of Jews in Brasov has been steadily increased, going from 769 in 1890 to 6000 Jews in 1940. Their safety has been secured during the Second World War in Brasov, but although they were not transported in camps, they endured beatings and were eliminated from economic life. Even their Neological Synagogue has been devastated in 1941. Seems that although they had suffered humiliation and austere conditions (restricted access to jobs, they can only work on jobs that were previously rejected by Saxons, like those of tailors, hatters, jewellers and painters) have contributed to the economy, trade and culture of the city. Jewish intellectual world could also develop, becoming engineers, entrepreneurs or owners of newspapers. As a curiosity, the wife of Ariel Sharon the Foreign Minister of Israel is born in Brasov. Around the synagogue, the Jewish community developed in Brasov owning even a ritual restaurant, a home care service or a consulting room. The Jews number in the city was drastically reduced given their orientation to Palestine. Because of the Jews division, the Orthodox group, respectively Neological in 1877, at present Brasov has two synagogues (the Orthodox and the Neological). This building was built with the strict following of Lipot Baumhorn Hungarian architect plans; therefore the synagogue has a basilica plan with a total area of ??657 m?. Included among the historical monuments of Brasov you at can assist with interest at the rituals held in the Neological Synagogue on Schei Gate Street.

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