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The Oktoberfest festival Brasov

The Oktobertfest festival Brasov represents a much cherished contradiction among the people. Why do we call it a contradiction?! Simply ...


Sleeping out

The moments when you do not wish to sleep in your own bed are rare, but for some sleeping in Brasov’s hotels is mind blowing. The ...


Italian cuisine

The Italian restaurants in Brasov, Prato  restaurant, Era Ora or Vesuvius restaurants try to keep the foods as similar to the original ...

Brasov, the four season city

The four seasons combine themselves in the best possible way with the variety of architectural styles from all around the city. So you pass along pre-roman, roman, gothic, classical and renaissance styles all shading with different colors depending on the season. Brasov is the city always asking for a revisit and for the ones more daring is the place where they would move right away. This is caused by the perfectly conserve style combining modern with medieval and residents know how to value the local history. The pride of living in such a city like Brasov is seen in the hospitality and willingness of the residents to share at any moment information about the home city. The old medieval fortress has always the mountains next by guarding and the sun during each season always relax through the sunbeams home people and the travelers impressed by the place.

Echipa Brasov
Brasov map

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Harta Brasov
Brasov weather
    • Sâm2 iul.
    • max 22°
      min 22°
    • Parțial noros
    • Dum3 iul.
    • max 25°
      min 18°
    • Ploaie moderată
    • Lun4 iul.
    • max 21°
      min 20°
    • Ploaie moderată
    • Mar5 iul.
    • max 21°
      min 16°
    • Cer noros
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Muresenilor family museum

Muresenilor family museum

The Muresenilor family museum was founded in 1968 after the Muresianu family followers donated the money. So the Romanian government obtained the ...

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