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The Italian restaurants in Brasov, Prato  restaurant, Era Ora or Vesuvius restaurants try to keep the foods as similar to the original Italian cuisine and for this to happen is very important to follow the recipe as it is.
The Italians are already known for the pizza and delicious pasta, but their kitchen is much more diversified than that. Although for the boot shape country, pasta will remain in top. The Italian food is beautifully combined with the wines. Always is a challenge choosing the proper wine to serve with the food.
The food may also charm you because is so easily prepared and quite substantial and nourishing. And if we talk about pasta, these give dependency making you to eat again and again. The dish could easily become the favourite food to many, especially if are fully garnished with mushrooms and cream. Of course other ingredients could bring culinary joy and all is left to do is just try them in the Italian restaurants or at home.

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Restaurant Era Ora
locatie Strada Johann Got, Nr 2, Brasov, Romania vezi harta
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Restaurant Vesuvius
Facilities : restaurant parcare Wi-Fi salon nefumatori
locatie Calea Bucuresti, Nr. 229 A, Brasov vezi harta
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