Solomon’s Rocks (Pietrele lui Solomon)

Solomon’s Rocks (Pietrele lui Solomon) have strong influences in the Dacians culture raising many legends in the history of the town. The rocks are after a 2 kilometres road passing through Schei.

After the archaeological digging in 1913 it has been discovered a fortress which was populated in the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age. The fences were made from soil and Dacia’s walls. It was also discovered in 1913 that the fortress had been destroyed in the wars between the dacians and romans. One of the poetic legends about the Solomon’s Rocks says that Solomon was a Hungarian King who killed his own brother and the mother cursed him to die immediately after he was seen by an ordinary man. Hoping he could break the curse, rides to a mountain near Brasov without to be seen by anyone. He suddenly sees a shepherd with his sheep and wants to run hiding but the horse scares and crumbles in an abyss. It is said that the King’s fall caused the mountain to break in two and formed the rocks we now see. Before dying refusing to be a king anymore Solomon put his crown down to the root of a tree and the crown is now the symbol on the emblem of Brasov. Another legend refers to the Solomonars (solomonari) wizards who can ride dragons and control rain and hail. These Solomonars stayed in the mountains up Schei. Reality or just myth, but people of Brasov know that the rain always comes from the Solomon’s Rocks. The two mountains which actually were caused by Solomon’s fall (if the legend is true) are touristic attractions not only for people in Brasov but also from other cities or countries. The view is relaxing and during summer the relaxing is accompanied by barbeques. If you like mountain climbing this is the perfect route. Due to the fresh air of the surrounding forests and the therapeutically properties the area could be considered a good therapy centre. Even the radioactive waters falling through rocks have a good influence on heart diseases. And there is also a perfect route up until Poiana Brasov for the mountain bike riders. We only wish to enjoy the discovery of this area and keep us in mind when you reach Solomon’s Rocks.

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